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Cozy Creations

Come browse over 80,000 used books, new selections by local authors, and hand-made local products!

Webster's is known for our eclectic mix of used books, spanning genres from sociology to cookbooks, the occult & New Age to fiction (both modern & classic), science fiction to literary criticism, and everything in between. We come from a long line of second-hand bookstores and can trace our lineage in State College back to a small storefront on Fraser Street, started in the 1970s. Stop in to browse our stacks with a great cup of coffee or tea from our café, and join our community of book lovers.

We're also proud to carry new books and handmade local products from members of our local community. Stop in to pick up your neighbor's newest poetry chapbook, hand-drawn card, or soap made from locally-produced ingredients. Our new books and wares fuel our local economy and make a great gift, whether for yourself or someone else!

You can browse a portion of our stock via our online storefront, hosted on Alibris.

—  New & USed Vinyl  —

Webster's is the home of Stax of Trax, a locally-owned & -operated vinyl shop! Josh Ferko has been in the record business for over 40 years (you might remember him from Arboria Records, formerly located just up the block).

Stax of Trax features the finest selection of quality Vintage Vinyl in Central Pennsylvania. Stop in to see Josh's current collection, and visit to learn more.