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everything, wheat, sesame, cinnamon raisin (gluten free + 1.00)

    Bagel with Butter                          2.45

    Earth Balance spread (VG)           2.75

    Bagel with Cream Cheese (V)      2.75        

    Bagel with Roasted Red Pepper (V) or Parmesan Peppercorn (V)        3.25

    Bagel with Vegan Spread             3.95  (Yemaya’s Delight, Hummus, Sunflower Seed Pate)

Eggs Many Ways      

farm fresh, local, free range eggs             available any time of day

Sunny Day    5.00          

The tangy zip of our sunflower seed pate, organic greens, and a drizzle of ginger miso on a whole wheat bagel        

ABC                3.75            

Simple and tasty scrambled egg, on a toasted Kaiser roll with Swiss    

Cuke-Avado   6.00         

A toasted everything bagel spread with a schmear of cream cheese and honey mustard dressing, scrambled egg, complete with                                               avocado, organic greens, and cucumbers

Great Expectations  5.00    

A Webster’s favorite, scrambled egg on a toasted everything bagel, with roasted red pepper cream cheese w/ organic greens and Cheddar                      

Iliad           6.50               

House-made focaccia grilled with pesto, scrambled egg, Provolone, and mixed greens

Encyclopedia  5.50       

A myriad of flavors: parmesan peppercorn cream cheese, scrambled egg, marinated mushrooms, melted Swiss, and organic spinach on  a sesame bagel                                             

Chili Burrito    7.00  

Spicy bean chili with scrambled egg (or roasted veggies for VEGAN option) organic spinach and melted Pepper Jack cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla and grilled

Pesto Eggs (GF)   8.00      

Scrambled with tumeric and garlic powder, topped with basil pesto and Provolone, on a bed of locally grown greens, flanked by pickled red onions, avocado slices, and drizzled with spicy thai-hini

                   V = Vegetarian VG = Vegan GF = Gluten Free

Gourmet Melts

served on house-made focaccia with a side salad of organic greens, carrots, and cucumbers with your choice of dressing

Roasted Reds (V)                                      9.00

Roasted red peppers in our delightfully seasoned cream cheese spread are paired with Provolone, Cheddar, and organic spinach in this creamy melt

Parmesan Peppercorn (V)                        9.00

Enjoy a zap of black pepper in our parmesan peppercorn cream cheese with Swiss, dried cranberries, and organic spinach

Portabella Pesto (V)                                10.00

Organic PA portabellas marinated in our special recipe are joined with pesto, Provolone, and organic spinach, then grilled lightly to create an enticing combination

Roasted Veggies and Hummus (VG)      10.00

Local, organic vegetables roasted and seasoned to perfection atop our signature hummus with organic spinach in a lightly grilled sandwich

Yemaya’s Delight (VG)                           12.00

April’s signature spread, made with walnuts, sunflower seeds, seaweed, red onions, tamari, and other wholesome ingredients with thai-hini, dried cranberries, and organic spinach

-add Swiss cheese upon request

Turkey Peppercorn                                 10.00

Oven roasted turkey breast grilled with organic spinach, dried cranberries, pepper jack, and parmesan peppercorn cream cheese

Turkey Roasted Red Pepper                 10.00

Oven roasted turkey breast pressed with provolone, organic spinach, and our roasted red pepper cream cheese

Tangy Tuna                                             10.00

Our classic tuna salad, made from line-caught Albacore tuna, meets Swiss and organic spinach in this savory melt

Substitute a cup of soup or spicy bean chili (VG) ~ 2.00

Substitute gluten free bagel ~ 1.00

Add Cheese ~ 0.50                      Add Avocado ~ 0.75                   Add Turkey, Tuna, or Vegan Spread ~ 2.00

Wraps and Salads

served on a bed of organic greens or on a flour tortilla with a side salad of organic greens, carrots, and cucumbers

Hummus and Veggies (VG)        10.00

House-made hummus is topped with cucumbers, carrots, roasted vegetables, and cilantro lime dressing in this healthy delicacy

Roasted Garlic Portabella (V)     10.00

PA grown marinated mushrooms with roasted red peppers, cucumbers, dark leafy greens, and topped with roasted garlic aioli

Cranberry Yemaya (VG)               10.00

The signature zip of Yemaya’s Delight*, a walnut and sunflower seed based spread, combined with pickled cucumbers, dried cranberries, avocado, greens and topped with a drizzle of thai-hini

Ginger Sunnies (VG)                    10.00

Our bright, house-made sunflower seed pate topped with cucumbers, pickled onions, mushrooms, greens, and ginger miso dressing

Tuna Salad Classic                       10.00

Line caught Albacore tuna is used in our tangy tuna salad, topped with pickled cucumbers, organic greens, provolone, with a splash of honey mustard dressing

Soups, Sides, and Other Delights

Side Salad                                         4.00

Organic greens topped with shredded carrots and sliced cucumbers, drizzled with your choice of dressing

Spicy Bean Chili                              3.30/6.00

A classic at Webster’s, the spicy bean chili is served with your choice of focaccia or Irish soda bread

Soup of the Day                              3.30/6.00

Guaranteed to be delicious, and served with your choice of focaccia or Irish soda bread

Side of Turkey                                  3.00

Several slices of our oven roasted turkey breast

Side of Focaccia                              3.00

Our delicious house-made focaccia lightly grilled

Avocado Toast                                 5.00

Freshly baked focaccia topped with an avocado schmear in this simply tasty snack!

Spread the Love                              5.50

Choice of two vegan spreads: Yemaya’s Delight, Sunflower Seed Pate, or Hummus, with cucumbers and gluten free multigrain crackers


V: vegetarian VG: vegan GF: Gluten-Free

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