Art Gallery

The David R. Neumann Gallery

David Neumann was the founder of The Creative Oasis, a Not-For-Profit Art Center that occupied this space before Webster’s opened here in 2012. David was a strong advocate of the arts and worked tirelessly to provide studio space and classes for adults and children year round. A survivor of childhood Leukemia and various cancers throughout his dedicated life, he finally succumbed in 2002 at age 32. This gallery space honors his life and commitment to the Arts. 

Every month, we welcome a new gallery artist from our community to share their work. Typically on the First Friday of the month, we host a reception for the artist to meet and greet friends with delicious food and beverage to celebrate their show!


February's Artist:

Jennifer Kelly

 Jennifer Kelly: “I love eyes reflecting light. I love whiskers that arc like flares. I love drawing animals well enough that your hand itches to pet them. It’s like a magic trick that never gets old. A friend told me that whenever she looks at this cat drawing, she’s inexplicably happy. Maybe these drawings will make you happy too if you stare at them long enough. Like, a loooooong time. Thanks for staring, Jennifer”

jims photo.jpg

Jim Colbert, a great artist, poet, and musician himself, chairs the committee that books the cafe, bringing art to the community while highlighting artists that may not show their work as often as others can.

Inquire about showing your work

A great committee schedules the upcoming artists for the gallery. Typically, we can be booked as far out as a year in advance, but it never hurts to ask. You can send an email with samples of your work and a short bio/artist statement to the committee for consideration: