Tea & Coffee


Drink fair-trade & Organic

Our coffee and espresso is fair-trade, organic, shade grown, and bird friendly – and has been since we opened in 1999!
We seek to offer teas produced under the same ethical standards, and we carry the largest tea selection in the area with over 90 teas, chais, and even some locally-made tea mixtures.

Foam Art

Espresso Drinks

We feature the full range of artisanal espresso drinks, and train our baristas to steam perfect microfoam every time – whether using local Meyer Dairy cow's milk, or one of our non-dairy milk options. We also carry a line of flavors that can be added to any drink.

– Espresso – Americano – Macchiato – Capuccino – Café con Leche – Latte – Mocha – 

Coffee Beans


All of our tasty coffee blends are produced under the same high quality and ethical standards. Stop in and try one as drip coffee or a café au lait! We also sell bulk coffee beans, ground or whole.

– House Blend – Italian Dark – Three-Eyed Buddha – Sumatran – Ethiopian – Swiss-Press Decaf –


Teas & Tisanes

Webster's has the largest tea selection in the area – over 90 teas, chai blends, and even some locally-made tea mixtures. From delicate white teas to hearty black teas and flavorful chai lattes, you'll be sure to find a favorite. 

We believe that chai should be freshly brewed, not taken from a box. Chai lattes were developed from the Indian tradition of brewing fresh tea with hot milk. (We offer whole, skim, almond or soy milk.) Our chais may take a little longer to steep, but the health benefits and the flavors make it worth the wait.

– Black Teas – Flavored Ceylon Black Teas – Green Teas – Decaffeinated Teas – Maté Teas – 
– Rooibos – Chai Blends – Additives – Herbals – Tisanes – Specialty Blends, including Elaine's Tea –

    Salud Kombucha

    Kombucha On Tap

    We're delighted to offer locally-brewed Salúd Kombucha blends on tap! Enjoy a rotating selection of these delicious, non-alcoholic craft beverages, produced by fermenting tea.