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Marco Rafala and James Charlesworth Book Reading

HOW FIRES END - Marco Rafala

Set in post-World War II Sicily and mid-eighties America, How Fires End chronicles the long legacy of a single act of violence, illustrating along the way the complicated dynamics of familial bonds, the devastating effects of war upon childhoods, and the inextricable nature of personal and political identities. In a sweeping narrative that contains multiple perspectives and grand themes—revenge, love, forgiveness—the novel not only offers a striking portrait of a single family, but also interrogates traditional and troubling definitions of masculinity and the powerful allure of fascism. How Fires End is a story of Sicilian Americans, but it is not a mafia tale. It is a story of World War II, but it is not an account of military conflict. It is, instead, a heartfelt examination of the complex relationship between immigrant parents and their first-generation children.


From a powerful new literary voice, a sweeping epic of one family and the destructive power of the American Dream.

All their lives, the children of George Benjamin Hill had fought to escape the shadow of their father, a dust-bowl orphan turned self-made millionaire in fast food and oil. Now they're approaching middle-age and ruin. When their father takes his place at the center of a national scandal, these estranged siblings are drawn from their four corners of the country, converging on a three-hundred-acre horse ranch outside Omaha for a final confrontation with the father they never had.

Later Event: October 20
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