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Interfaith Coffee Hour

From Interfaith Initiative Centre County & IICC Community Partners:  


  • INTERFAITH COFFEE HOUR – MONDAY, MAY 20, 2019 – The Paradox of Evil: Why does the Divine Creator allow the existence of evil?

    • 6:30 – 8:00 pmWebster’s Bookstore and Café, 133 East Beaver Ave, State College

    • Facilitators: Holly Hubregsen, Sarah Malone & Invited Guests

      • Recent massacres of innocent and peaceful worshipers of many faiths brings sorrow to the hearts of the world. We turn attention to the existence of evil: of both suffering and evil motivation.  Let’s share perspectives on the age old dilemma of why the Creator allows this.  COME JOIN US!

      • ALL Invited and Welcome – Free admission

      • Food & beverages available for purchase; anyone making purchase of any kind at Webster’s can request a voucher for free parking.

      • Questions?  More information?  Contact Sarah:

      • IICC Interfaith Coffee hours are held on third Mondays, April - September6:30-8:00 pmand move back to third Tuesdays, October - March, same hours