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Webster's will cater events from 12 - 250 guests. We specialize in vegan and gluten-free options, but can make a menu specific to your event. Breakfast meetings, coffee service, receptions, weddings, conference meals, private parties and much more! We are an approved Penn State Caterer. Call 814-272-1410 and ask for Elaine, April, or Kristi.

Please inquire about catering at least one week in advance by using the form at the bottom. For catering within the coming week, or for events larger than 30 guests, please call us. 

We're always available to talk over your catering needs via phone. Our goal is to create a stress-free event for you, while meeting your expectations and your budget.


Lunch Catering Options

Soup/Sandwich--Served Buffet Style

Wraps or Housemade Foccacia:

Turkey, provolone, pesto and seasonal field greens
Tuna Salad with seasonal greens
Chicken Salad with seasonal field greens 
Egg Salad with seasonal salad greens 
Sunflower Seed Pate (vegan), cucumbers, pickled red onion and seasonal field greens
Hummus (vegan), cucumbers, pickled red onion and seasonal field greens

HALF size: $5/per person
FULL size: $8/per person

Cup of soup (vegan, gluten-free options available) $3/per person

VEGAN	SOUPS					                                                        VEGETARIAN SOUPS – using dairy, butter
Carrot-lentil						                                                 Broccoli cheddar 
Celery root bisque 					                                                 Butternut squash & apple bisque
Cream of broccoli & cauliflower			                                          Celery root bisque
Cream of coconut carrot					                                   Cream of asparagus
Curried cauliflower					                                                 Cream of mushroom
Gazpacho 						                                                        Cream of garlic-potato
Lentil							                                                        Curried cauliflower
Minestrone						                                                        Roasted poblano corn chowder
Spicy bean chili						                                                 Tomato basil bisque
Tuscan beans & greens							

Side dishes: $1.50/per person

Green salad - pickled red onion, shredded carrots & cucumbers with dressing
Potato salad – crisp celery and diced onion, mayonnaise & whole grain mustard 

Side dishes: $2/per person

Broccoli salad – sweet cranberries, diced red onion, crisp celery, mayonnaise & red wine vinegar 
Cucumber salad – thinly sliced onions with fresh dill & parsley in a sour cream sauce 
Kale salad – sliced apples, sweet cranberries, shredded carrots, with a tangy cranberry vinaigrette  

Dessert: Assorted Cookie/Brownie/Bar Platter: $3/per person

Beverage Service: $1.50/person:

includes choice of Coffee, Hot Tea, Iced Teas, Hot Cider, Lemonade

Light Breakfast Choices

$6.00 per person
Hot Coffee & Tea w/ all condiments provided
Orange Juice
assorted mini muffins or scones
$7.00 per person
Hot Coffee & Tea w/ all condiments provided
Orange Juice
assorted bagels w/ cream cheese spreads
$8.00 per person
Hot Coffee & Tea w/ all condiments provided
Orange Juice
assorted bagels w/ spreads
assorted mini muffins or scones
$9.00 per person
Hot Coffee & Tea w/ all condiments provided
Orange Juice
assorted mini muffins or scones
yogurt, granola, fresh fruit
$10.00 per person
Hot Coffee & Tea w/ all condiments provided
Orange Juice
assorted mini muffins and scones
assorted bagels w/ spreads
yogurt, granola, fresh fruit
$12.00 per person
Hot Coffee & Tea w/ all condiments provided
Orange Juice
assorted mini muffins and scones
assorted bagels w/ spreads
yogurt, granola, fresh fruit
assorted mini quiches

Party, Event or Meeting Catering

Event Platters and Passed hors d’oeuvres

Mini Meatballs: savory meatballs served with sweet and sour, sweet chili or bbq sauce, service for 25: $35

Seasonal Fresh Fruit:  beautiful seasonal fresh fruit arranged artistically, service for 25: $40, grilled options available $50

Mini Quiche: spinach and feta, southwestern or classic herb and swiss; service for 25: $40

Assorted Dips: served with sliced baguette and/or crudite:  choice of lemon cilantro hummus, jalapeno lime hummus, tomato basil hummus, roasted red pepper cream cheese, yemaya’s delight, sunflower seed pate, parmesan peppercorn cream cheese, spicy black bean dip or white bean dip,  service for 25: $45 for 1 dip, $50 for 2 dips, $55 for 3 dips.     

Stuffed Mushrooms:  marinated mushrooms stuffed with a mixture of bread crumbs, cream cheese and herbs: service of 25: $40

Relish Tray: with olives, pickles, fresh vegetables and dips, service for 25: $45

Mini Empanades:  Buttery pastry pockets with savory fillings; mushrooms, greek feta and herbs or turkey taco, service for 25: $45

Bruschetta: house-made focaccia crostini with a choice of basil pesto, sun-dried tomato pesto or olive tapenade, service for 25: $40 or $55 for all three.

Spanokopita Bites:  phyllo dough stuffed with spinach, herbs and feta cheese, service for 25: $45

Fresh Summer Rolls and Nori Rolls: served with accompanying dips: serves 25:  $55

Local Cheese Platter: with fruit slices and baguette/crackers with Tait Farm mustards and chutneys, service for 25: $55

Bacon Wrapped Dates:  filled with blue cheese and drizzled with balsamic vinegar; service for 25; $55

Dessert Tray:  a variety of mini cookies, brownies, macaroons, baklava and mini cheesecakes, service for 25: $60

Baked Brie: puff pastry artfully surrounds a wheel of brie served with fruit and crackers. Service for 25: $60

Shrimp Platter: Cocktail Shrimp served with a choice of sauces; cocktail, mango habanero, apricot chutney, or asian plum sauce, service for 25:  $75

Smoked Salmon Platter:  Smoked Lox served with crostini, cream fraiche, cornichoins, pickled red onion and capers, service for 25:  $75

Beef Wellington Canapés:  Beef Tenderloin squares set atop puff pastry with mushroom duxelle, service for 25: $75

Artistic Food Displays

Fruit, Vegetable and Cheese Bar: served with assorted mustards, chutneys and dips

$225 for 50 guests

Carved fruit centerpiece with assorted sliced fruits

Assorted cubed cheeses and meats

Crackers and flat breads

Baked Brie with Tait Farm chutney

Assorted crudité platter

Tapas Style Reception:

Choice of 5 dishes: $25/per person

Choice of 8 dishes: $35/per person

Choice of 10 dishes $45/per person

Goat cheese on endive w/ poached seasonal fruit

Bacon wrapped dates stuffed with blue cheese

Pickled cucumber relish w/ ginger on rice cracker

Smoked salmon on crostini w/ lemon & dill

Potato boats topped with melted cheddar and crisp bacon                            

Parmesan bread straws

Zucchini fritters with herb mayonnaise

Pulled pork w/ fresh slaw--rolls on side to make sliders

Mini meatballs in sweet chili sauce

Shrimp ceviche cups

Shrimp and Seafood Bar:

$450 for 50 guests

Seasoned shrimp with assorted dips: cocktail, plum sauce, mango habanero

Mini crab cakes with remoulade mousse

Smoked salmon with crackers and herb lemon mayonnaise

Fresh spicy ceviche served with tortilla chips

Warm artichoke and crab dip served with house-made focaccia crostini

Certified RAMP liquor server: $25/hour

Dinner Catering

Buffet Style or Seated Dinner

Main Entrees:  specially designed for your event based on theme and season-Please ask us for a quote.

Chicken Dishes:  

  • Roasted Chicken with Fresh Herbs and Lemon

    • Stuffed Chicken Breasts: choice of any fillings, such as Spinach/Feta, Italian Pesto Parmesan Style, etc.

    • Chicken Piccata: lemon caper sauce

    • Chicken Marsala

    • Chicken Curry

Fish Dishes:  

  • Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon: grilled, broiled or pan-seared

  • Salmon en papillote: Salmon steamed in parchment with wine, herbs and vegetables

  • Atlantic Tuna: Grilled or pan-seared

  • Baked Shrimp Scampi: served with linguine

  • Fettucine tossed with Grilled Salmon in a Garlic Alfredo Sauce

Beef Dishes:  Local, Grass-fed

  • Filet Mignon

  • Beef Tenderloin with Sauces:  Mushroom, Red Wine or Horseradish Cream

  • Beef Wellington

Pork Dishes:  Local, Pasture-raised

  • Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

  • Pork Medallions with Tait Farm Chutney: Apple/Ginger, Cranberry, Spiced Pear

Vegetarian/Vegan Specialties:

  • Lasagnas – with Pasta or Vegetable Noodles

  • Vegetarian or Vegan Moussaka

  • Pasta with Alfredo, Homemade Bolognese or Marinara, tossed with seasonal vegetables

  • Grilled Tempeh with Asian-style sauce and soba noodles

  • Grilled Portobellos in a Balsamic Reduction Glaze

  • Ginger Miso Sweet Potato Noodles

  • many more options available

Side Dishes:  specially designed for you event based on entrees and season

  • Rice—basmati, wild, brown or jasmine

  • Quinoa with herbs

  • Couscous with parmesan and pine nuts

  • Roasted potatoes

  • Mashed potatoes

  • Roasted sweet potatoes

  • Mashed sweet potatoes

  • Roasted brussels sprouts with apples and cranberries

  • Marinated mushrooms

  • Honey sautéed carrots

  • Parmesan roasted broccoli

  • Oven roasted cauliflower

  • Riced cauliflower

  • French green beans with roasted red peppers

  • Sautéed kale and napa cabbage

All catering prices include all paper products; including serving utensils, plates, napkins, condiments, etc. Set-up and tear-down included.  Quotes for rental of china, stainless silverware and cloth napkins can be obtained.

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