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Friday Night Live / Open Mic

Come join us for Friday Night Live at Webster's Bookstore & Cafe at 7:00 pm on May 31! We are featuring Matt Price. Free food and free admission! Hope to see you there!

Welcome to Friday Night Live, a gathering of people providing LGBTQA affirming space, an opportunity to share our gifts, and get to know others in our community. We have some guidelines to make this evening fun for everyone.

First, there is free food, provided by Websters and the Centre LGBTQA Support Network. It is located over there, and be sure to help yourself! There is free water over there, and otherwise, you can buy a drink to chase down the yummy snacks. Please NOTE that we MAY NOT share food that we brought in ourselves as Websters is responsible for the food consumed on its premises. If you brought something, please save it for another time.

Second, this evening is family friendly, which means that children and adults of all ages are welcome here. This means that an occasional swear word is OK, but sex and violence are NOT. You may certainly reference experiences you have had, and commonly known events in our society, but ask that you not share graphic descriptions of sex or violence. We appreciate humor, stories, poems and songs, and ask that all we share be respectful and affirming.

Third, please limit your first sharing to 10 minutes and then you may share again after others have finished. We are honored to have everyone share, and we want to make sure everyone feels empowered to help maintain the delightful safe space we have come to know as Friday Night Live.